JBoss: Command Line Interface [CLI]

JBoss 7 has a new Command Line Interface (CLI) which can be used to deploy or undeploy applications.

Go to the bin folder of your jboss installation

Type the following command to start the CLI:


You will see the following response:

You are disconnected at the moment. Type ‘connect’ to connect to the server or ‘help’ for the list of supported commands.

Type connect

[disconnected /] connect

If you do not connect then press CTRL-C. It will say the following:

The controller is not available at localhost:9999

That means that the jboss installation is not using the standard port 9999. You can find the port in the server.xml file of the server.

Once you connect, just typing undeploy will show you all the deployments.

Typing undeploy with the name of the ear file will undeploy the application

undeploy my_app.ear




Documentum D2: Impossible to Decrypt Method Server Response

The impossible to decrypt method server error is almost always related to your lockbox.

ERROR: com/emc/clb/clbBridge/clbBridgeJNI


  1. Perform the following actions on both Content Servers as <install_owner>
cd <lockbox_file_location>

rm D2.lockbox*

java -Dclb.library.path=<lockbox_file_location>/linux_gcc34_ia32 com.emc.common.java.crypto.SetLockboxProperty <lockbox_file_location> D2Method.passphrase <lockbox_passphrase>
  1. Expected Output
JVM : 1.7.0_72 (64bits)

'<lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox' file updated

'D2Method.passphrase' property updated
  1. Copy the newly created lockbox file to two locations using the script below
    1. In 7.2
cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss7.1.1/server


cd $DM_HOME/shared/ jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/tmp

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/ jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/work

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/ jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/data

rm -rf *

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/deployments/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/deployments/bpm.ear/APP-INF/classes
  1. In 6.7
cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server


cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/tmp

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/work

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/data

rm -rf *

rm $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes/D2.lockbox

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes

rm $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/bpm.ear/APP-INF/classes/D2.lockbox

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/bpm.ear/APP-INF/classes


  1. Ensure there are only 2 D2.lockbox files under $DM_HOME/shared

(plus the 3rd one in <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox )


  1. Restart JMS
cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server


cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/logs

ls –ltr

tail -f MethodServer.....log (latest)

tail -f /tmp/D2-JMS.log          ensure no errors while importing, etc.



  1. Login to app server
  2. Run the following script:
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:<lockbox_file_location>/C6-Common.jar:<lockbox_file_location>/LBJNI.jar:<lockbox_file_location>/LB.jar

export PATH=$PATH:<lockbox_file_location>/C6-Common.jar

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<lockbox_file_location>/linux_gcc34_x64

export PATH=$PATH:<lockbox_file_location>/C6-Common.jar

cd <lockbox_file_location>

rm D2.lockbox*

cd /usr/local/java/jrockit-jdk1.6.0_111/bin

./java -Dclb.library.path=<lockbox_file_location>/linux_gcc34_x64 com.emc.common.java.crypto.SetLockboxProperty <lockbox_file_location> D2Method.passphrase <lockbox_passphrase>
  1. The expected output is
JVM : 1.6.0_65 (64bits)

'<lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox file created

'D2Method.passphrase' property created
  1. Repeat on other WL server
  2. Restart Web Logic Managed servers