Documentum D2: About D2 returns

If you click on the About D2 link, it returns the complete file which may include your servername or ip address. This is a security vulnerability. To resolve this issue, open the D2.war and D2-Config.war files, find the following file:


Open the file above and find the following file:

Comment out the lines below:
<tab id="tabDebug" condition_visible="getValue(ctrlKey).notEquals('') &amp;&amp; getValue(altKey).notEquals('')">
                        <memo id="properties" rows="18" wrap="off" condition_enabled="false" assistance_type="java" assistance_java="com.emc.d2fs.dctm.ui.assistances.DebugProperties">


Documentum D2: DM_STORAGE_E_BAD_TICKET Error

Users were getting the following error just after logging in to D2:


The object id of the object appeared in the log file. Since that object was a dm_audit_trail object for a test object, I deleted the object using the following API command:


This resolved the error.

Documentum D2: Impossible to Decrypt Method Server Response

The impossible to decrypt method server error is almost always related to your lockbox.

ERROR: com/emc/clb/clbBridge/clbBridgeJNI


  1. Perform the following actions on both Content Servers as <install_owner>
cd <lockbox_file_location>

rm D2.lockbox*

java -Dclb.library.path=<lockbox_file_location>/linux_gcc34_ia32 <lockbox_file_location> D2Method.passphrase <lockbox_passphrase>
  1. Expected Output
JVM : 1.7.0_72 (64bits)

'<lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox' file updated

'D2Method.passphrase' property updated
  1. Copy the newly created lockbox file to two locations using the script below
    1. In 7.2
cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss7.1.1/server


cd $DM_HOME/shared/ jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/tmp

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/ jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/work

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/ jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/data

rm -rf *

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/deployments/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss7.1.1/server/MethodServer/deployments/bpm.ear/APP-INF/classes
  1. In 6.7
cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server


cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/tmp

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/work

rm -rf *

cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/data

rm -rf *

rm $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes/D2.lockbox

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes

rm $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/bpm.ear/APP-INF/classes/D2.lockbox

cp <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/deploy/bpm.ear/APP-INF/classes


  1. Ensure there are only 2 D2.lockbox files under $DM_HOME/shared

(plus the 3rd one in <lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox )


  1. Restart JMS
cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server


cd $DM_HOME/shared/jboss5.1.0/server/MethodServer/logs

ls –ltr

tail -f MethodServer.....log (latest)

tail -f /tmp/D2-JMS.log          ensure no errors while importing, etc.



  1. Login to app server
  2. Run the following script:
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:<lockbox_file_location>/C6-Common.jar:<lockbox_file_location>/LBJNI.jar:<lockbox_file_location>/LB.jar

export PATH=$PATH:<lockbox_file_location>/C6-Common.jar

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<lockbox_file_location>/linux_gcc34_x64

export PATH=$PATH:<lockbox_file_location>/C6-Common.jar

cd <lockbox_file_location>

rm D2.lockbox*

cd /usr/local/java/jrockit-jdk1.6.0_111/bin

./java -Dclb.library.path=<lockbox_file_location>/linux_gcc34_x64 <lockbox_file_location> D2Method.passphrase <lockbox_passphrase>
  1. The expected output is
JVM : 1.6.0_65 (64bits)

'<lockbox_file_location>/D2.lockbox file created

'D2Method.passphrase' property created
  1. Repeat on other WL server
  2. Restart Web Logic Managed servers


Documentum D2: XML Cache

D2 has cache files in the following location on the app server:


The file names that can be safely deleted to clear the cache are

ls /tmp/*cache*

  • xml-cache.index

Sometimes if doing Tools –> Refresh Cache does not work, try deleting the above caches. This is definitely needed when doing an in place upgrade.

Documentum D2: Restricting creation of folder to a folder type

In order to restrict the creation of a folder to a particular folder type, we need to do the following:

Go the D2-Config

Go to the menu for that application

Click on the down arrow next to "New" under the "Main Menu"

Click on "Folder"

Add the following text to the "Message:" text box under "Action"


Replace <custom_folder_type> with your folder type

Click Save